About us

We are an international company of vital strategic business solutions specialized in increasing companies results and market value.
We have been helping entrepreneurs, business owners, CFOs, CEOs and presidents to increase their results since 1990.
With a highly qualified team trained at Harvard Business School and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – and others first class institutions, we are experts in solving complex business problems, with the best and most innovative international practices in strategy, management, finance, marketing, sales, corporate restructuring, mergers & acquisitions, financial restructuring, fundraising, investment management and negotiations support.
Vitalized in solid services and programs specially designed to consistently increase results even within the highly volatile and turbulent scenarios, redesigning business models, supporting “full service”, leading companies and entrepreneurs exponentially to one high level of results and market value.

Our Chief Strategist

Luciano Vital
Investor, Business Adviser, Strategist and Mentor

– Business Management Degree from Harvard Business School for Owner & Presidents (OPM46)
– Specialization in Corporate Restructuring from Harvard Business School
– Specialization in Finance from Harvard Business School
– Specialization in Business Applied Neuroscience from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
– Specialization in Complex Problem Solving by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
– Marketing Postgraduate in England from Marketing Training Specialists College London
– Postgraduate Higher School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM)
– Bachelor of Communication

Our trajectory


250+ Mergers & Acquisitions
850+ Business Plans
600+ Business Valuations
$ 6+ Billion in Contracts
150+ Business Restructuring
15.000+ Trained Professionals
500+ mentored entrepreneurs
60+ Board Memberships
1000+ Diagnosed Businesses
30+ Offices Worldwide

Since 1990 Helping companies and entrepreneurs

More than 10 years of study on Harvard and MIT campuses

Our Values

  • Transparency
  • Legality
  • Teamwork
  • Scale gain
  • Meritocracy
  • On Time In Full (OTIF)

Our services


We prepare companies and help them in the fundraising process, including mergers, acquisitions, capital restructuring and distressed operations.
We also we help investor in searching investments opportunities worldwide through our extensive business networking.
Our services are designed for all business segments and companies size, with a consistent tracking record of fundraising from thousands up to a multi-billion dollar ticket.

USD$ 6+ Billion in Contracts
250+ Mergers & Acquisitions Negotiated
600+ Business Evaluations

We advise companies involved in corporate restructuring and financial crises, with debt restructuring and operations and business. We advise and represent especially funders and creditors or interested in assets or acquisition of business units resulting from restructuring. We have participated in large operations in the area involving national and international companies. All restructurings are addressed individually, depending on the particular situation of the company, its capital structure and regulatory nature. We have extensive knowledge and extensive experience in monitoring the obtaining of authorization central bank and other regulatory agencies for loans or financing.

150+ Business Restructuring Coordinated
600+ Business Valuations

Our mentoring programs helps entrepreneurs and business leaders to develop their businesses to grow faster, increase sales, improve market value and get investments.
Who should attend:
Business leaders in key positions on startups, small and medium companies.

500+ Business Owners Mentored
15.000+ Professionals Trained

Our consulting services are specially designed to help medium and large size companies to enhance their strategic market position, grow faster and consistently, operates internationally, improving market value and attract investments.

150+ Business Restructuring Coordinated
850+ Business Plans Developed

The International Advisory Board prepares disruptive professionals to act on the advisory board of startups, small and medium companies worldwide.
Who should attend:
Professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to improve their professional careers and act on the advisory board, giving a new dynamic to their professional life participating in strategic discussions, contributing with their personal and professional experience in organizations who looks to do more and better on the market.

40+ Board Advisers Prepared
60+ Advisory Board Participations

As a regional Partner, you can participate in multimillion-dollar businesses, offering a range of 10 strategic solutions recognized in the market, to increase your market authority, income and foster business in your region.
Who we are looking for:
Entrepreneurs, professionals, former senior executives, consultants and other professionals who wish to commercialize nationally and internationally our services.


30+ Strategic Regional Offices
Americas, Europe and Asia



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